Abu Salih (Founder)

Abu Salih is a passionate student of Islamic economics & finance with a strong academic background & practical experience. He has worked with leading Islamic financial institutions in Europe and the Gulf. He is the founder of RIZQED.




Rizwan Rahman (Legal)

Rizwan is an Islamic finance consultant and trainee lawyer based in London. He has worked in a number of sectors and organisations such as the World Bank, Islamic Finance Council, BMB Islamic and Edbiz Consulting. He serves as a legal consultant to RIZQED.




Abdul Aleem (Marketing)

Abdul Aleem is a Sharia graduate from the International Islamic University of Malaysia and is working for a business conglomerate. With a passion for entrepreneurship and marketing, he seeks to make RIZQED reach the right companies and people.




Fayaz Srambikal (Development)

Fayaz is a graduate of Durham University’s Islamic Finance Program and is currently working for a prestigious Islamic financial institution. Always eager to help others, Fayaz has joined RIZQED with this objective in mind.