The main objective of offering internship to students is to provide them an opportunity to work with a growing Islamic advisory and may result in a long term relationship with Ihdinaa.

The interns will be working at the respective department (Marketing / Advisory/IT) where they will be required / trained to do related work mainly on financial sector, international finance with focus on Islamic finance. During placement of the candidate the interns own preferences and competencies will be considered.



About Ihdinaa

About Ihdinaa

Our aim is to provide Shariah compliant solutions to organizations across the globe with convenience.  No matter where you are, we will provide you authentic supervision and solutions to your organizational matters in the light of Shariah. Ihdinaa has a very strong shariah board headed by Shaikh Essam Ishaq.

Ihdinaa provides Shariah Advisory services including outsources Shariah auditing and Compliance activities, Effective  and cost beneficial Islamic finance training and Islamic finance related IT solutions. Ihdinaa has recently developed cloud based software for managing shariah departments of Islamic financial institutions.