On-site Internship

We have developed partnerships with some of the best universities and business schools in the world to welcome motivated and talented students willing to develop unique expertise in Islamic markets, Islamic business and Islamic finance.

Islamica500 has a limited amount of positions on site in one of our regional headquarters for excellent students and graduates with various backgrounds including marketing, finance, law, audit, accounting, real estate, I.T. & web, Islamic finance, etc.

We will train you to become a top-notch professional with a winning attitude.


At Islamica500, we have a start-up philosophy. We know that some students have to work to pay their tuition fees. We are a worldwide project and need young talented professionals in every country of the world. We understand that it is not always possible to join us on site 5 days a week. However, we do not wish to miss out on a valuable traineeship.

This is why we have established an “E-traineeship”. The student/graduate carries out their traineeship from home, under the supervision of a tutor. The student/graduate receives a job description with weekly priorities, and communications occur via video-conference. They might even be asked to travel to a regional conference or event. Training occurs via webinars and “must-read” presentations.

We have the flexibility to accommodate such students, provided that their school accepts our innovative approach.

About Islamica500

Reach the unreachable: Islamica500

The rise of the Islamic Economy including Islamic Finance and the Halal industry, is one of the fastest growing segments of world industry. It is a nascent sector and it is now that a reputation or a brand can be consolidated. It is today that opportunities can be seized.

This sponsorship guide outlines the different ways to expand your marketing and brand reach to a broad range of business leaders, community members, government officials, and other financial and education institutions. It provides an excellent opportunity for your organisation to be exposed to a group of prominent practitioners and business executives from all around the world.

If you wish to be part of the global Islamic economy, the ISLAMICA 500 is THE reference to demonstrate your support and involvement in the sector.

This guide gives you many great opportunities to build business connections and provide heightened visibility around the industry. Our sponsorship opportunities range in scope and price. Companies large and small will be able to meet their important marketing objectives, whatever their budget and business objective might be.

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More information: www.islamica500.com