RIZQED requires an intern for a period of 3 months to conduct some marketing & development work. Intern will be required to contact companies operating within the Islamic Economy to encourage them to post placements on the site.


RIZQED is an online open source platform for the Islamic economic ecosystem where employers and ambitious individuals can meet. Instead of carving careers in those institutions that are outside the ecosystem, RIZQED encourages the development of skills, knowledge, awareness and culture within this space.

The challenge to develop human resources in the Islamic economy is pressing. Many bright individuals are eager to work in institutions operating in the Islamic economy. Unfortunately that is easier said than done. After multiple rejections and dead ends, passionate individuals end up applying to institutions which are incompatible with their value system, and the desire within them to make a meaningful contribution towards the Muslim community, fades away.

Institutions value experience more than anything else, something which many of these individuals lack. A vicious cycle emerges where individuals who do not have the skills to enter the Islamic economic ecosystem, move to the conventional space and in the long term, do not return. This leads to a shortage of talented individuals that could potentially build the Islamic economy further.

RIZQED targets the primary stage of a person’s career. It provides an online platform for companies in the Islamic economic ecosystem to bring in budding talent from the outset of their career. By hiring individuals on a short term basis they may identify potential talent and/or give back something to the community. Furthermore, through work placements, individuals can boost their CV’s and hopefully go on to bigger and better things.